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Cleaner Air = Healthier Communities.
Here’s how you can help make it happen.

Everyone wants to live in a healthy community in a clean environment. And many people are discovering how easy it can be to help improve the health of their communities by simply doing their share for cleaner air. Asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory problems are an increasing concern for people of all ages and directly related to the quality of air we breathe. But did you know that air pollution also damages our environment. Toxic air pollutants and the chemicals that form acid rain and ground-level ozone can damage trees, crops, wildlife, lakes and other bodies of water. Air pollution also damages buildings, monuments, and statues; reduces how far you can see in national parks and cities; and it even interferes with aviation. With this in mind, the air quality partnership reaches out to every person, in every community to practice environmental stewardship and to promote air quality values.

Learn about air quality and what you can do to make it better with the links below.

Air Quality Resources


Ozone Pollution
Particle Pollution


Air Quality Reports


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Air Head

We here at AirHead.org see everyday activities as easy opportunities to lessen pollution. So we've created AirHead.org as a tool to help you be a little smarter about the things you do every day. That way, we're all more environmentally friendly, and we still don't have to give up our morning pastries. Call us annoying optimists (if you must create an atmosphere of hate)...we can only shrug resignedly.

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